Collection: Personalized

Wooden, personalized name puzzles for children. Raised, chunky pieces for easy play by toddlers.  Handcrafted by Puzzle People since 1972.


About Personalized Puzzles

How many letters can be included?

The max number of letters varies by puzzle and is listed on each individual product. They range from 7-9 letters per line.

What colors can I choose?

  • RAINBOW is in the order of the color spectrum - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. (On short names we drop the orange - it just looks best that way.)
  • TRADITIONAL PASTELS are soft pink, mint green, soft yellow and lavender
  • MOD colors are HOT PINK, soft pink, and medium lavender
  • CUSTOM colors - You specify your color choices in the "Note to Seller" area of your order. We have many but not ALL colors, so will match as closely as possible and discuss any questions with you.

How big are the pieces?

The letter pieces are 3 1/2" tall and between 1-2 1/2" wide. A single-line puzzle is 5" tall. The length varies with number of letters (for instance a 5-letter name plus flower typically runs 20" long).

Why are your name puzzles so great for toddlers?

With over 50 years of experience making puzzles for little ones, we've developed the following important characteristics for name puzzles that makes them excellent for toddlers:

  • We meaningfully shape our letter pieces without sharp points
  • Our letters are spaced apart, not squashed together
  • The wood is well sanded, front and back, for a smooth finish
  • Our letters on a straight line, not tipped or "floating"
  • We stain and paint our pieces, versus laminated paper, to ensure they last for years to come
  • Our design uses a tray to define and contain the pieces, versus frameless

Do you offer replacement pieces?

Yes! Replacement pieces available for a nominal charge. Please contact us to get the process started.

Can we get the frame that you cut the letters from?

Yes! A FREE BY-PRODUCT of the way we make our raised piece puzzles is a lovely strip of wood with the letters of the name cut out. You can tape photos behind each hole for a memorable keepsake or a great gift for others (like grandparents!). We will include these in the order when available.