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Themed Puzzles - Click on an image to enlarge
Clown puzzle
16 Chunky pieces

12” x 16” x ½”
16 chunky pieces

Features all six colors of the rainbow symetrically arranged to facilitate teaching right from left. A good preschool through kindergarten puzzle.
custom puzzle - Yellow Cow
Yellow Cow

Commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum for sale in it's gift shop, this 21 piece puzzle is our interpretation of Franz Marc's 1911 painting. It is just one example of the custom puzzles we can make by special arrangement. Kindly e-mail us your inquiry.
Price: $18.00

Not for Sale

Farm Animals puzzle

Cute for toddlers, ages 20 months to 3 years. Intact animal shapes for imagination play. Five pieces. 12" x 12"

Cheese and Mice
5 pieces

Just for the fun of it!Finger holes in the cheese add tactile stimulation. Good for sight-impared puzzlers. Tell us if you'd like moe pieces!

Price: $14.00
Price: $14.00
Preschool puzzle of Clown

Little Clown
preschool puzzle
12” x 12” x ½”
7 pieces

Rainbow hair and a big red nose - this friendly clown is a colorful toy for children's playrooms, pre-schools, and waiting rooms. Can be used as an educational toy to teach "place words" - left, right, top, bottom, above, below - as well as all six rainbow color names.

Hot air balloon puzzle for toddlers Hot Air Balloon
puzzle for toddlers
12” x 12” x ½”
6 pieces

Charming story-book elephant King Babar takes a royal ride in a hot-air balloon.
Price: $14.00
Price: $14.00
Teddy Bear puzzle for toddlers Teddy Bear puzzle for toddlers
12” x 12” x ½”
6 pieces

Teddy bear has his own favorite toy - a miniature Pooh bear!
Price: $14.00

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